Get the code

Before getting started, first download the code.

Optional: Run the demo

If you cloned the project from GitHub or downloaded the source code, you can run the included demo application to see how everything works together in order to test out the framework:

cd spfjs
npm install
npm start

You can then open http://localhost:8080/ in your browser and check out the demo.

Note: You will need npm to install the development dependencies and python to run the demo application. You can check if they are installed by running the following:

npm --version
python --version

If you need to install npm, go to https://nodejs.org/ and click "Install" to get the installer. If you need to install python, go to https://www.python.org/ and go to "Downloads" to get the installer.

Enable SPF

To add SPF to your site, you need to include the JS file and run spf.init() to enable the new functionality.

After downloading the code, copy the spf.js file to where you serve JS files for your site, add the script to your page, and initialize SPF:

<script src="PATH-TO-YOUR-JS/spf.js"></script>

Send requests

SPF does not change your site's navigation automatically and instead uses progressive enhancement to enable dynamic navigation for certain links. Just add a spf-link class to an <a> tag to activate SPF.

Go from static navigation:

<a href="/destination">Go!</a>

to dynamic navigation:

<!-- Link enabled: a SPF request will be sent -->
<a class="spf-link" href="/destination">Go!</a>

Return responses

In static navigation, an entire HTML page is sent. In dynamic navigation, only fragments are sent, using JSON as transport. When SPF sends a request to the server, it appends a configurable identifier to the URL so that your server can properly handle the request. (By default, this will be ?spf=navigate.)

In the following example, a common layout of upper masthead, middle content, and lower footer is used. In dynamic navigation, only the fragment for the middle content is sent, since the masthead and footer don't change.

Go from static navigation:

GET /destination

    <!-- Styles -->
    <div id="masthead">...</div>
    <div id="content">
      <!-- Content -->
    <div id="footer">...</div>
    <!-- Scripts -->

to dynamic navigation:

GET /destination?spf=navigate

  "head": "<!-- Styles -->",
  "body": {
        "<!-- Content -->",
  "foot": "<!-- Scripts -->"